Winter Holiday Bike Romance

I’ve just come back from the French Alps and I have to admit, I cheated on my Alpinestars. I betrayed my trusty steed that I’ve owned for 20+ years with a younger, fatter model. I went looking for some fun in the snow with another bike and I didn’t look back. While my Alpinestars was…

Girl’s bike stolen by dad for a city adventure

OK so this has nothing to do with Aplinestars but…I knew I’d seen that girl’s bike somewhere before… Remember Three’s quirky advertising campaign with #SingitKitty as the strap-line and the little girl lip syncing to  Starship’s ‘We built this city’? Not to mention the cat in the front basket….that was the pink bike TV screen debut….

Strava 2015

So 2015 has ended, 2016 has just started and I scratch my head wondering what I’ve actually done with those previous 365 days. I won’t think about it for too long as I’ve got 365 new days to plan. This is the year that I’m planning to take the Alpinestars to the Alps for a…

Alpinestars Al-Mega DX

Designed to be a racing mountain bike, the Al-Mega DX was born in 1990 and had an innovative aluminium frame including a curved seat tube with Ritchey race-proven tyres and rims. This was one of their Elevated Oversize System bikes in a range that included the Ti-Mega (titanium frame) and Cro-Mega (steel alloy with chromium frame)….