Girl’s bike stolen by dad for a city adventure

OK so this has nothing to do with Aplinestars but…I knew I’d seen that girl’s bike somewhere before…

Remember Three’s quirky advertising campaign with #SingitKitty as the strap-line and the little girl lip syncing to  Starship’s ‘We built this city’? Not to mention the cat in the front basket….that was the pink bike TV screen debut.

Then, Mars come along with their “winning” advert with the same pink bike!

Okay so they might not be exactly the same bike but they’re pretty damn similar.

If you’re not sure what I’m rambling on about then check out the two videos below and tell me if I’m wrong.

Three roll out the first pink bike to a Starship’s ‘We built this city’:


Then….Mars go and steal the same (or similar) pink bike and ride it around some city streets….

An uncanny resemblance in the weird and wonderful world of advertising eh? Great adverts but surprisingly they haven’t encouraged me to switch my contract to Three, or to go out and buy a Mars bar #Winning.


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