Alpinestars to the Alps

Since attending the Shextreme Film Festival, the Women’s Adventure Expo and following the Tough Girl Podcast, I’ve been inspired to literally get on my bike and take myself off on a little adventure. Hearing first hand at WAEXPO from Squash Falconer about her Everest experience and listening to Emma Timmis on a Tough Girl Podcast about her run across Africa really started to get me thinking….what can I do?

The final nudge came when I attended a talk in Cardiff by the first Welsh woman to climb Everest, Tori James, and Maria Leijerstam who was the first person in the world to cycle from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole. After you’ve heard from these inspiring women, its only natural to want to go out and do something a little bit adventurous…

So welcome to my 2016 adventure!


Me and my trusty Alpinestars will be setting off from Cardiff on 9th May and will wind our way along the national cycle routes of Wales, England and France on a mission to get to Chamonix in the French Alps about 700 miles later. I’ll be doing the trip in aid of Sport Relief and I’ll plug my sponsorship page a bit later.

To put this trip into context, me and my bike have a combined age of 65 and the furthest we’ve travelled together in one day is 55 miles. This trip will most definitely be pushing us both to our limits.

My trusty old classic mountain bike

The kind support of adventurer Emma Timmis is helping to make this trip happen. Emma put a shout out to her blog community asking if there were people who would like to loan her bike / expedition kit on a new adventure while she wasn’t using it. I jumped at the chance of applying and have been really lucky to be picked along with another female cyclist. Emma’s kit will be put to really good use on my bike and her bike will most likely be coming too as a spare. My partner will be catching up with me at Newhaven to support me down through France in a vehicle kindly supplied by my sponsor – Mirror Image Accident Repair centre.

Screen shot 2016-02-24 at 19.30.32
Part One
Screen shot 2016-02-24 at 19.32.19
Part Deux
Screen shot 2016-02-24 at 19.33.40
Le Finale

I’m splitting the trip into three stages, with the first being the UK leg down to Newhaven to catch the ferry over to Dieppe. I’ve chosen this route as I can then hop off the ferry in France and jump straight onto ‘Avenue Verte‘, one of France’s national cycle routes which will take me directly into Paris. When I hit Paris I’ll be taking part in the “Tournoi International de Paris” for a women’s football team from Cardiff, before setting off on the longest leg down to Chamonix (where my sister lives and where there is good local beer).

My trip sponsors!

Now the plug for your cold hard cash. I’d love it if you were able to sponsor me and add to my motivation, especially for those long days with heavy legs and possible rubbish weather. If you’re able to donate anything at all, no matter how small, it will be HUGELY appreciated. If you don’t want to sponsor me then sponsor my lovely old bike!

You can part with your cash here:

It would be great to hear from you with any words of long-distance-cycling-wisdom, words of support, any do’s and don’ts. Thanks for reading!


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