One month to go

It’s Saturday 9th April and there’s one month to go until I hit the trails on my way to Chamonix and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

The sponsorship support I’ve received so far has been fantastic and I’ve just reached 57% of my £1000 goal. To be honest I thought that raising £1000 was a bit ambitious, but seeing the total creep up week by week and reading the messages of support has been really motivating. Family, friends and even strangers have backed me so far. Those messages of support on my Sport Relief Giving page will be coming with me too. My favourite message so far is “You continue to be barking mad” – thankyou Pav! I’ll be using every motivational tool I can get to help me on my way.

Screen shot 2016-04-09 at 07.03.50

It’s not all been going to plan though. I was out on a training ride last Saturday and on my way back I managed to break my left gear shifter. I wiggled it about a bit and managed to get up into 7th gear (out of 21), which wasn’t ideal being 10 miles from home in Fernhill. I held the shifter in with my thumb to get up to 14th gear, picked up a bit of speed, then when thumb-cramp set in I dropped back to 7th and had some thumb recovery time. I rang my partner to tell her the situation. She kindly offered me a lift but I declined. The “problem-solving-coping-with-adversity-mindset” had already kicked in and I was determined to get back under my own steam.

Poor old Alpinestars was checked in for some minor surgery and a full service at the local hospital (Halfords Pontypridd) and I waited like an expectant parent for an update. Last night after work I was reunited with my bike. Chris the Technician had worked some absolute magic and replaced the broken part along with some other bits and bobs that were about to die. After being fully stripped right down to its bare bones and built back up again, my shiny Alpinestars was ready to hit the road again!


Before I left the store, staff members Dan and Sam surprised me with a contribution of kit and equipment for my ride which was totally unexpected. Among other things, the package included a new helmet to match the lovely Alpinestars neon paint job, a Boardman cycle jersey and a new pump.


I’m 100% overwhelmed by the support of staff at Halfords, and by the generosity of my sponsors. It’s a real motivator and will encourage me to bust my ass in training over the next 4 weeks.



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