Paris to Sens

I’m on the road again for day 6 of cycling, after spending two days in Paris with the Cardiff Dragons women’s football team at a tournament. What a brilliant weekend. I can’t say it was restful as we had to be at the pitch by 830am on Saturday, plus the standard of football was outstanding so it was pretty challenging. But, the team spirit was amazing and over the two days we played 6 games and won 3 of them. It was a great feeling and a really good way to officially retire from playing competitive footy. My body took a bit of a beating in goal so the all over body pain was multiplied on top of cycling pain. They say no pain no gain but bloody hell I was glad to finish game 6.


Now I’m not normally one to share pics of what I eat but I couldn’t resist this. Saturday night dinner was a real treat. This is a €15 rib eye steak that was to die for. It was huuuuge. Way more protein than my muscles needed but a doggy bag meant that it became sarnies the next day too.


Monday morning meant picking Dizzy up from the dog sitter and hitting the road again from the hotel. After my trauma of entering Paris, it’s fair to say that I was a bit anxious about leaving. I was worried about navigation, busy streets, getting lost, and if my body would cope post-footy-beating. As it happened, cycling was a welcome relief from chucking myself about on astro, and getting out of Paris was an absolute dream! I took it really easy, letting my body get used to cycling again which was made much easier with a relatively flat first 20 miles. I couldn’t believe how well things were going. It was a dry day, my navigating was spot on, I found a nice pace and I was making good time.


I was on D roads all day and managed to catch up with Amy and Dizzy for mini pit stops and welfare checks. Bikey McBike Face was running smoothly following a good clean up on Sunday morning in Paris. Things were going well for a change. I even found time to stop off in Melun to snap a pic of Napoleon.


With Napoleons help I found my way to Sens where we are resting up in a Municipal Campsite. I think Municipal stands for “tin-shack-facilities-with-squat-toilets-and-crappy-showers”. I don’t mind a squat toilet, I’ve used a few across Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. But after cycling all this way it’s a worry as to wether I’d get back up from the squat. It’s really peaceful though so I’m looking forward to a good sleep. We met another camper, Alan, who is an Aussie from Perth. He’s doing a bit of a French road trip in a smart little campervan and was really happy to find people who he could chat to for several hours. Lovely bloke and he’s given me €10 to add to my sponsorship for this trip.

So today was by far the best day I’ve had on the road so far. Everything went really smoothly and I’ve just done my route planning for tomorrow, destination Montbard. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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