Off to the Icon-o-classic

I’m just a few days away from heading up to Warwick, England for my first experience of the Icon-o-Classic this Sunday. This is a one day event that celebrates Mountain Bikes born before 1995. 

I wasn’t able to make it along last year due to a clash of commitments,  but this year I’ll be taking my Alpinestars up there to show it off. 

Having seen the entries of last year’s event I’ve had some reservations about going along. My bike falls into the age category for the show but it’s nowhere near show standard!  As a bike that I’ve been riding often and hard for the past 23 years, it’s got plenty of chips,  bumps, scrapes and scratches. Each one of them tells a story (normally a story about crashing, being crashed into, or falling off). 

Many of the bikes there will be fully restored to show standard as if they’ve just come off the production line. I’m hoping to meet some like minded bikers who can give me some top tips for restoring mine so that I can give it a bit of a rest post-Chamonix-adventure. 

Check out the event here:

Might see you there if you live in the neighborhood or if you’re bringing your own bike along. Here’s to the old classics! 


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