Mountain Bike Heaven

Last weekend I was up in Warwickshire, making a special visit to a very unique mountain bike get together called the Iconoclassic. We trundled up in the campervan the night before and stopped in on my folks nearby, utilising the expertise of my dad to make a new fixing for the bike rack.

Putting the engineer to work

The old Alpinestars was being taken for a ride to be shown at the Iconoclassic event – a get together of mountain bikes born before 1995. I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest I was a bit embarrassed by the state of my bike….I’ve been riding it pretty hard since 1993 and it’s covered in chips and scratches. I knew it would be stood next to some pretty shiny renovated bikes but I figured that I should take it anyway. I’m really proud of it and of all the adventures we’ve had together, not to mention the most recent adventure to Chamonix.

My bike next to Regan’s trio of Alpinestars

As soon as I arrived I bumped into the owner of another Alpinestars (Regan). Well actually, he owned three, and all of them were there that day and looking absolutely amazing. A little space was made for my bike and it sat there next to its shiny, fully restored relatives and opposite another Alpinestars.

Regan’s trio
Another restored Alpinestars
Another restored Alpinestars

I met the show organiser, Tom, who was a lovely guy and really welcoming of me and my bike. There must have been close to 100 bikes there – all sorts of makes and models with their proud owners.


It was amazing to see all of the experimental frame designs, and all of the brightly coloured paint jobs!

An era of bright colours!
An era of bright colours!

If you’re into classic mountain bikes then this show is definitely one to put in the calendar for next year. It’s held in a square in the centre of Warwick and is surrounded by cafes, pubs and restaurants so there’s plenty of space to sit and watch the world go by.

You can connect with Iconoclassic on their website, Twitter and Facebook so look them up!


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