Start of a Wales adventure

It’s Wednesday 14th March and we hit the road at a lazy 10am or there abouts, once we’d got our final bits and bobs together. Here goes another doorstep adventure with the ambition of cycling through all 22 Local Authorities of Wales.

Doorstep Adventure

The cycling gods were kind to us as the weather was the best we could wish for; blue skies and sunshine all day. Our route for day one took us north out of Pontypridd (Rhondda Cynon Taf) on Route 8 with a steady climb up to Merthyr. Neither of us had pulled trailers before but this first leg was bearable. The worst was yet to come.

Our end point was a camp site in Monmouthshire which meant hauling ourselves up to Dowlaias Top, onto the Heads of the Valleys Route 46. If you know Methyr then you’ll understand (and hopefully empathise) that the A4060 up to Asda is a beast of a hill, even for a car. Dizzy was encouraged to get out and walk at this point which she didn’t mind at all, although she was quite comfy in her trailer.

On the way to Dowlais Top

We had a pit stop at Asda and topped up with water before setting off again, heading East and hugging the A465 on Route 46. It wasn’t at all flat and we were challenged all the way through the top of Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent and into Monmouthshire. Progress was slow and fruatrating for both of us, especially as a section of Route 46 had been bulldozed, with an alternative route up yet more hills. The views made up for it (a little bit).

Stunning views – Heads of the Valleys

Our pace was pretty pedestrian although we haven’t been overtaken by one yet. When we finally dropped off Heads of the Valleys we navigated our way towards the campsite, fantasising about cups of tea and pasta. Finally we made it to our campsite and were greeted by the lovely owners who were a bit bewildered by our route.

The morning after the night before

Todays plan is to pass through Torfaen, Newport (with a stop at Halfords to fix my gears), Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan with a farm stop planned for tonight.


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  1. maggshib says:

    Sounds like an amazing adventure! Good luck! Have a great time!

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