I’m Ali, a 40-something-woman who can’t accept the reality of retiring from competitive sport. I’ve retired and un-retired from sport more times in the past 5 years than I can actually remember. As the realisation sinks in and my old ACL repairs on my knees creak and groan even more, I’ve decided to get on my bike and have some overland adventures instead.

So, welcome to my ramblings which mainly consist of the love affair I’m having with my 1990 Alpinestars Al-Mega DX mountain bike. I bought it second hand in 1993 and haven’t looked at another bike since. Out on the trails I get a bit of bike love from other MTB’ers so thought I’d share my Alpinestars passion and write about our adventures.

In my day job I support sports people and teams with sport psychology education, helping them to think differently and perform better, through my company ithinksport.

Feel free to follow me and my bike on Strava or Twitter, or find out more about sport psychology support by contacting me via my Contact Form.




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